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Global Solution

An Introduction to Eugene Asset Management’s Professional and Differentiated Investment Management Process

Global Solution Process

  • Investment & Product
    Development Field
    Domestic & international real asset investment
    • Real estate: Industrial, Office, Retail, Flex, etc.
    • Global maritime & transportation: Aircrafts, containers, bulkers, etc.
    Domestic & international fund of funds in alternative investment areas
    Real estate project financing & financial advisory service
    Investment in infrastructure construction projects : BTO (Build-Transfer-Operate) & BTL (Build-Transfer-Lease)
    Investment in renewable energy business: Solar energy, wind, fuel cell, biomass, etc.
    >Domestic & international M&A financing investment
  • Investment & Management
    We seek to generate returns that meet our clients’ needs
    We provide reliable, stable and transparent asset management to our clients
    We prevent conflict of interests through strict internal control
  • Investment & Management
    Search for attractive investment opportunities with high profitability and align with current market trend
    Develop niche investment products through market analysis and forecast
    Constant fund monitoring based on risk factors
    Establish action plans for risk scenarios

Investment & Management Process

  • Search for Investment
  • Investment
    Opportunity Review
  • Due Diligence
    & Product Development
  • Risk Management
    Committee Review
  • Product Marketing &
    Fund Establishment
    (Investment Execution)
  • Fund Management
    & Profit Distribution
  • Search for Investment Opportunity We globally search for investment opportunity that meets our clients criteria.
  • Investment Opportunity Review We determine whether to promote the investment opportunity through market analysis, risk analysis, profitability analysis, and investment structure review
  • Due Diligence & Product Development We review the investment opportunity through external experts and create it to an investment product.
  • Risk Management Committee Review We review risks of the investment product with our company board members and make an investment decision on the investment product.
  • Product Marketing & Fund Establishment (Investment Execution) We conduct product marketing and establish a fund from the investment product.
  • Fund Management & Profit Distribution We manage the fund and distribute profit to our clients.