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An Introduction to Eugene Asset Management’s Professional and Differentiated Investment Management Process

Investment Requirements

  • Investment Requirements Balanced selection of investment targets through multi-lateral evaluation using diversified criteria
  • Possible Exit Plan Does each asset generate future cash flow
    as Planned during the in vestment period?
  • Rationality Is the valuation attractive enough?
  • Potential
    Is the value possible to be up
    in consideration of business cycle?
  • Easy to Control Is it possible to fully control the
    investment Assets to successfully
    exit within the target period?
  • Efficiency
    Is it possible to improve the synergy in the portfolios?
  • Diversification Is diversified invest pool available
    To mitigate the investment risk?

Investment Decision

  • Investment Target
    Dal Sourcing
  • Preliminary
    Intermal Valuation
  • CA & Due
  • Review by Risk
  • Final Decision
    By Investment
  • Appreciation
    Of Corporate
  • Appreciation
    Of Corporate
  • A
    • We have a vast and balanced network of human resources with a wide range of experience in various specialized fields.
    • Close relationship with major investors and corporations based on above network. Fully prepared to generate creative deals backed by high
      understanding and professionalism on the industries and corporations.
    • Capable of accurate and efficient survey on companies in all sectors including management inspection, financial inspection, legal due diligence, etc.
  • B
    • Improves corporate performance by management diagnosis, proposal for corporate , and leading active change by management strategy experts based on
      a variety of management consulting experience for renowned companies.
    • Comprehends companies ’exact condition through regular performance valuation meetings and routine calls and discussion. Promotes companies’
      business through outsourcing of experts and vest-fit professional advisors as needed.
  • C
    • Realizes the maximum exit scheme using senior member ’mega-deal experience and listing on domestic/overseas securities markets experience in addition
      to normal exit experience.

We are cooperating with the invested companies in order to increase the companies intrinsic value.

  • Investment Stability
    Risk Management
    • Prior consideration on stable results of the invested companies
    • Deliberate analysis of risk factors in relation to changes in macro-economic circumstances
    Terms of contract and investment structure for safer exit plans
  • Investment Profitability
    Investment Strategy and Portfolio :
    • Different investment strategy for each step in consideration of global economic change & characteritics of individual portfolio
    • Balanced investment portfolio in consideration of corporate growth
    Utmost investment timing

“Pursuing high profits over opportunities from changes in investment environment,
we also focus on stability in volatile conditions.”